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Custom Application Development

CSI will develop a solution to your specific needs. By customizing and building on existing applications, we will minimize development time and expenses. Customizing existing applications also means that you will gain a vast array of features in addition to the custom ones we develop for you.

Whole Projects

We typically carry out whole projects, from requirement analysis to delivery and support if needed. We deliver a working application and its supporting code, as well as documentation, so your organization retains ownership of the application and is able to control it.

Partial Contribution

In some cases, we contribute to a project by providing our expertise in a specific role or area. In those cases we are able to offer our expertise and focus on specific aspects of the project as defined by our engagement agreement. 

Additional Resources

When projects require more resources or staff than we readily manage, we are able to find and engage additional resources efficiently, without any additional effort from your staff. These additional resources may be local, or for large projects, may be located overseas. CSI engages these professionals and manages them as part of the project.

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