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CSI's Development Process

Requirements: In most cases, customers recognize the need for an application, but lack the expertise to define it in technical terms. We step in and communicate with the key staff to identify the required solutions that meet your needs. We frequently provide a prototype that demonstrates the proposed solution and its main features and provides common ground for further development.

Architecture and Design: In cases where a system is required, its architecture and design is determined and reviewed by our highest level professionals. We specialize in:
    • Multi-tier web applications
    • Network applications
    • Desktop client applications
    Incremental Development: Our development process of choice is Incremental Development. The application or system is developed in increments, which the customer can evaluate at each step. This process ensures customer satisfaction, and allows for corrections and improvements to be made on short notice, saving time and money. Users also become accustomed to the application as it is being developed, which maximizes user proficiency in the application.

    Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality assurance is part of CSI's services and development process. Test plans, scripts and test results are part of the delivery of such projects.

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